Given growing concerns about COVID-19, and our unwavering concern for your safety, we are taking the necessary precautions against COVID-19 as recommended by Health Canada.

We ask that if you are in need of Chiropractic care, please call us and we would like to discuss your overall health and ask the following questions before making an appointment: 

Q1: Do you have a fever, new onset of cough, worsening chronic cough, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing?

Q2: Have you had close contact with anyone with acute respiratory illness or travelled outside of Canada in the past 14 days?

Q3: Do you have a confirmed case of COVID-19? If you had close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 did you wear appropriate PPE?

Q4: Do you have two (2) or more of the following symptoms : sore throat, runny nose/sneezing, nasal congestion, hoarse voice, difficulty swallowing, decrease or loss of sense of smell or taste, chills, headaches, unexplained fatigue/malaise, diarrhea, abdominal pain, or nausea/vomiting?

​​The well-being of our patients, staff and our community is our top priority, and are taking great precautions in screening patients before they arrive for their visit. We are strict in our policy to have masks and gloves available, and the use of hand sanitizer is also strongly encouraged.

If you have any questions for us, please call us at 905-820-6262 or email us.

For more information on COVID-19 please see: CANADA GOVERNMENT LINK and the ONTARIO PROVINCIAL LINK


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